Friday, 26 September 2014

Selling Your Yacht? Sell the Dream…

Selling any kind of boat, from a small motorboat to a mega million dollar super yacht, is simple – you just need to find that one person who WANTS what you’re selling. When you find someone who wants a yacht or boat like yours, the sale will make itself, you wont need to convince them they need your yacht, you wont need to sell the benefits of owning a boat – They Want it.

So how do yacht brokers sell boats? Simple, they sit there waiting for buyers to come to them and tell them what they want. They show them what they have that matches this want, and they make the sale. Easy….?

Yacht brokers do a great job and frankly earn their commission, they spend a lot of money on advertising, employ photographers to take amazing photos of the yachts, pay models to pose on the yachts in exotic locations. Why, because they want to show the potential buyer something they WANT, they want the dream, they want to picture themselves in the photo, at the location, at the helm of the yacht with gin and tonic in hand.

So how does this help you sell your boat and maybe save some money?

It helps us to understand the psychology, and to use this to sell your yacht.

Private Boat sellers make a few common mistakes

1.         Don’t list Too much information

They write a long list of everything on the boat, they give it’s history, tell us when the engine was last serviced, about the few cracks around the forward hatch, but don’t worry – they don’t leak! This is not helping you sell your boat. This is the kind of information you can tell the buyer in person, when he’s standing on your boat, dreaming about owning your boat. With classified yacht adverts, your paying for work count. Sell the Dream.

2.         Don’t use Poor Photos

You need to show the buyer the Boat or Yacht for sale is what they WANT.
Take some great photos, lots and choose the best. Take photos of the interior, but move all the bags and clutter up on deck, get it out of the way, make the yacht look bright and spacious.

Now put your advert in front of people who WANT what your selling. There’s lots of ways to do this, and we suggest not one method but several.

Start by advertising on websites like where currently the basic classified boat sales listing is free. But remember, you need to show people the boat or yacht your selling is what they WANT. Remember, the more photos you add, the more they will see something they want. …Sell The Dream.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Buying a Second Hand Boat – Here’s what to Look out for

No matter whether you’re buying a new or a used boat there are probably a few things that you need to consider before doing so. From the purchase, to maintenance, to life with a boat – there are a number of things that need to be considered beforehand. So, let’s take a closer examination.

Buying Tips

When buying a boat there are a number of things that need to be considered. Boats can be subjected to all sorts of problems and it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for problems. Fibreglass cracks are a big problem if they are over 2 inches or so. This is often the sign of a boat that’s been in a collision. Gel coat patches are also worth looking out for, as these are also a sign of problems.

Flexing or cracking, as well as moisture in fibreglass can cause problems too and indicate rot or break down of fibreglass. Loose seats inside are also a sign of problems as can mildew – as this often is a sign the boat hasn’t been cared for. In addition, this can be a signifier there are problems underneath the boat and in the wooden part of the boat. This is because of the quick spreading of mould spores.


Electronics can be low cost problems to fix, however they can also cost more extensive amounts of money too. Burned out bulbs or seized bilge pumps can be sorted with a trip to your chandler, however if multiple devices are fried, this is often a bad sign. Check to see if it’s a case of faulty wiring, or if there are problems with the engine or wiring insulation – the former are more serious problems.


Belts need to be changed after around 80-100 hours of boating time and if the alternator or the power steering belts tend to be worn, or cracked they need to be changed. Changing damaged belts isn’t a problem; however it does signify lax care and attention towards the boat and should certainly be noted. Stainless Direct have a whole host of marine and chandlery gear for anyone needing to make repairs to their boat.

The Engine

The boat engine should run smoothly and if there is a lot of smoke, noise or vibrations then it could be a problem in the engine – serious or not! Often issues are easily fixed and are down to a boat not being used for a while, old fuel, old oil or the need of a tune up. However, these could also be larger problems such as low compression amongst the cylinders, or other more major issues. These issues cost a lot more to fix.


The oil is a big teller for the engine and it’s a good idea to test it between your fingertips. If it feels gritty then this could signify metal wear and tear and would suggest notable problems with the engine. Milky oil is also a bad sign and shows water is getting into the engine. Bent prop shafts should also be looked at carefully as they’re a sign of problems too, particularly with gears. Also look out for cracked engine blocks.
These tips should help you when looking to purchase a new boat and prevent any major problems.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A yacht with class

It seems like everybody has to have their own yacht these days. We have all seen it on photos and a few lucky ones in real life too. I’m talking about the infamous mega-yacht ‘Eclipse’, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. It is an impressive and almost surreal sight and supposedly the biggest and most expensive yacht in the world right now!

The sea surely seems to be full of yachts, some a little bigger than others but all more or less looking the same. However, a few people always manage to stand out and one of them is American actor Johnny Depp, who owns an amazing vintage-looking 156 foot yacht. The boat immediately takes you back a hundred years and makes you think of European royalty, or even a mini-Titanic. However, the fact is that this masterpiece was built in Turkey in 2001, inspired by the classic gentleman’s yachts of the 1930’s.

It’s really not surprising that the eccentric star from the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ tetralogy chose this yacht to sail him and his family to and from his private island in the Bahamas. Peeking inside the yacht makes you realize that Depp never really left his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. The interior is lavishly styled Art Deco but at the same time fully equipped with all modern day necessities, like an audio system, satellite tv, PlayStation, wifi, and quite a list of watersports entertainment for people that want a bit more action than just working on their tan. You can check it all out right here.

If you’re dreaming of spending your vacation on a yacht like this, we have some good news for you! When Johnny Depp is busy shooting his next movie elsewhere, he rents out his yacht to make a little cash on the side. You do, however, have to hit a goldmine, discover oil, or win the lottery to afford the weekly rate of up to €122,500 per week during high season! But don’t despair: the jackpot in the American Powerball lottery starts at $40 million and is always on the rise! Want to take a chance at winning the jackpot? Buy your Powerball lottery tickets online here!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Aqua Elite Charters Miami - All-inclusive Yacht Charter

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Our unforgettable charters provide tours to Star Island, Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, and much more. By joining the AEE free membership program you will receive a 10% lifetime discount on any of our services.

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Aqua Elite Charters - An all-inclusive yacht charter company in Miami

Friday, 3 January 2014

Best crewing sites

With a plethora of crewing sites available, it's tricky to find the right site for your sailing needs. Many have poor design and can cost a fortune. Here's a run down of my favourite crewing sites:

Yacht Crew Direct - This has to be my favourite, great design and very easy to use with boats and crew all over the world. One of the features I like best is that you can search by location which makes it much easier to pin down only the boats that are near me.

Crew Seekers - The Crew Seekers design is better than most crew agencies but still lacks a bit and can be tricky to use at first. There are lots of posts and is updated every day.

Find a Crew - Find a Crew has a lot of features but I actually find that I don't use most of them. There are good crewing positions available and the search works well once you've entered all your details. The main thing is to get yourself out there. Find a Crew and Yacht Crew Direct allow you to add a profile.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Solar megayacht

For 585 days, Swiss adventurer Raphael Domjan braved storms, pirates and cloudy skies in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe on a boat propelled by nothing but sun beams. The boat, christened "Turanor" after a word meaning "power of the sun" in JRR Tolkein's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, is Domjan's brainchild.

As heavy as a whale and 30 meters long, it's adorned with enough photovoltaic panels to cover two tennis courts. After eight years of fundraising, 64,000 hours of construction, and 19 months at sea, the "Turanor" made history on May 6, when it cruised into Port Hercules, Monaco, completing the first ever round-the-
world journey by a solar-powered vessel.

From the coast of Miami to the shores of Mumbai, Domjan and his four-man crew visited 28 countries on a voyage designed to showcase the practical applications of solar energy. "The aim of this journey was to show the world that this technology is not science fiction, it is very real and it can help us change how we do things now rather than in the future," said Domjan.

Full story on CNN >>>