Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Can you buy a luxury yacht with bitcoin?

You can really live large with Bitcoin nowadays. It's crazy what you can already buy with it.

Want a giant diamond ring? No problem you can purchase diamond jewelry with Bitcoin. Reeds Jewelers, a national jewelry chain, recently started accepting Bitcoin in all of its retail locations.

Have you heard of BitPremier for example? It's a luxury Bitcoin marketplace that continues to push the envelope. You can now buy an $11 million yacht through them and use crypto currency to complete the transaction. A couple of years ago they confirmed one the largest Bitcoin property purchase on record: a $500,000 villa in Bali.

Denison Yachting has also just announced that it will accept Bitcoin as payment for new yachts orders. They also state: "Bitcoin is not just a 'millennial' fad," said Bob Denison. "There are Bitcoin users of all ages, across all continents buying and selling luxury goods, including cars and villas. There's absolutely no reason why a seller should be wary of accepting Bitcoin."

Bitcoin gold rush: bubble or money?

If you think it is too late to generate serious wealth by investing in bitcoin you might be very wrong. There is no reason why an old-fashioned buy and hold method wouldn't work here.

Many others say however that the sudden rise of Bitcoin and the investment gold rush is leading to a bubble that will burst very-very soon and you should sell bitcoin as soon as possible or until the prices are still decent and haven't plummetted to the floor. Or... buy a yacht from it as an investment and turn your chartering business into a fortune.

It's not for us to decide which side is right - and there's really no way to tell at this point - all of this is just speculation.

Luxury purchases with Bitcoin? In 2018 nothing is impossible.

Among other crazy and amazing things, you can even buy a flight into space and pay the bill from your bitcoin wallet to Virgin Galactic Company founded by no other than the well-known business tycoon Richard Branson.

Other impressive possible purchases with bitcoin include supercars such as Lamborghinis, vintage luxury Rolex watches, a Gold Rolls-Royce Ghost and even a private mini-submarine.

2017 was definitely the big year for Bitcoin (and other various alt coins too for that matter). Let's see how this upward pointing success curve continue in 2018 and what will this crypto-rollercoaster has in store for us.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tips For Becoming A Marine Engineer

Marine engineering is a job which has been sought after very much in the last few years, and for good reason. The growth of the industry as well as continued development ad research in the field has been rubbing off on the academic study of the topic, and more and more people have been opting for it. The increase in commercial activities through the sea has impacted the field in a positive way, too, with unprecedented rise in the amount of trading and quantity of merchant navy vessels. This all has had a positive impact on this dynamic sector's job market - an impact which, according to all current observations, will only increase over time.

Some attributes are pre-requisites for all jobs as a marine engineer or in the merchant navy, while other required qualifications will vary depending on the area and profile.

Many colleges offer both post-graduate and degree courses in marine engineer. For individuals who are looking to become marine engineers, this should be the first base. Eligibility required to be admitted in one of this courses is similar around the world - senior secondary certificate.

The duration of the graduate engineering course will vary slightly from country to country. Generally, its 4 years, in which students undergo comprehensive training in practical as well as theoretical aspects of the science. Some of the practical sessions tend to be conducted in-house, and others at real sites, such as actual shipyards. Orion has a good blog here on what’s involved.

Theoretical subjects will include a variety of topics such as English - the most widely used and understood language in the merchant navy -, computer science, physics, applied mathematics, marine management and electronics. There are many other topics covered, and students should be educated regarding control systems, maritime commerce, environmental science and other topics. This training is essential for those looking to get a job in the merchant navy or become a marine engineer, since they add to the mental abilities and inculcate physical attributes as well. Physical training of students includes Gyro and Magnetic compasses, practical navigation, astronomy and electronic navigational aids such as Decca, Radar and others.

In order to improve their chance in their job or the open job market, acquiring a Masters degree in the area is recommended. While enhanced, the training is not particularly difficult, especially for graduate students of the discipline. It consists primarily of lab hours which put into practice principles of engineering which were previously studied. Creating a portfolio will help anyone who looks to climb the seniority hierarchy at the merchant navy. In any case, the individuals who achieve the most success in the field are the ones who thoroughly understood what they wanted out of the industry, and which of their traits best suited it.

With recent studies that predict a steady growth in international trading, the industry is set to progress further and further. 'Shipping' is still the cheapest and easiest method of transportation around the world - so a marine engineer's profile should remain a center of attention for young people entering the market for years to come, while still remaining a good choice for them.

Friday, 27 January 2017

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Monday, 7 November 2016

SuperSailYachts luxurious holidays

It has been said many times that to charter a super yacht is to embark on the most luxurious holiday. SuperSailYachts enjoy arranging these unique, tailor-made, to the finest details customized luxury lifestyle experiences. And we’re proud to be able to arrange the charter on all the finest luxury charter yachts in existence today, and in all the major sailing destinations in the world.
Yacht owners keep their yachts permanently based in the most picturesque corners of the planet; others embark on a yearlong circumnavigation around the globe. In most cases, they are keen to share their experiences and provide access to their meticulously maintained yachts. This allows everyone keen on chartering a superyacht to experience billionaire lifestyles they enjoy, which in turn can enhance the re-sale value of their yachts or simply allow them to offset some of the running costs.

Luxury crewed yacht charter is arranged for many occasions and in many different scenarios. Family’s may want to spend the time together during Christmas or New Year holidays while basking in the sun in the Virgin Islands or have an adventurous summer holiday on the water somewhere in the fabulous Mediterranean. Businesses may want to have a corporate hospitality at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix or an exquisite entertainment during the Cannes Film Festival arranged for them. Groups of friends on the other hand may want to have a distinguished fishing cruise in Alaska or an action packed sail in the Bahamas, while most couples will want a romantic getaway or even a honeymoon in the Indian Ocean.

And a luxury charter yacht offers all the benefits and facilities of a floating villa, enabling you to enjoy captivating surroundings in the most exciting international destinations. With a high number of yachts to choose from, matching your requirements in terms of budget, location, activities or number of cabins should be an enjoyable process. We have dozens of years of experience in doing so and our team of experts will ensure your charter will be professionally handled from the moment of enquiry to the moment you return back home. The captain and crew, at times the owners themselves, will be involved in this process too, and everyone will play a crucial role in the success of your ultimate charter holiday.
If you have never chartered before, it is best that you get in touch with us and let us know about your holiday plans or specific requirements in terms of number of adults or children travelling and preferred destinations or type of a yacht. We will then try and match those with the current yacht availability and advise on best alternatives, provide specific itinerary ideas and suggest best deals.
You can also request a call back by simply sending us an email and providing your telephone number and best time to call.
Contact us today and let our professional team know your requirements so we can assist in finding you the perfect yacht and turn your vacation dreams into a reality.

Phone: +44 (0) 121 285 8010
Fax: +44 (0) 121 285 9010
Mobile: +44 (0) 779 205 2007;erSailYachts

Monday, 2 May 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Yacht Surveys

If you are looking purchase a yacht, then the primary reason that you will want to carry out a survey is so that you understand the overall condition of the boat before you make a purchase.

Deciding to purchase a yacht is a big decision, and as boats can be particularly liable to damage caused by general wear and tear from sailing, as well as deterioration from the sea, salt, and the sun, it's essential that you can determine the state of the boat before committing to a purchase.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) strongly recommend having a survey completed before purchase. Mandy Peters, a legal advisor to the RYA quoted in an article published on the The Telegraph Online says that: "With regard to a second-hand boat, the onus is completely on the buyer to ensure that the boat he or she is buying is in a satisfactory condition, or that they are fully aware of the condition of the boat, prior to completing the sale."

However, this might be the first time you are considering purchasing a yacht and you may feel rather concerned that a comprehensive survey need to be completed before committing to a purchase.

So to help grow your understanding and awareness about yacht surveys, take a look at these five things that you might find useful to look out for when considering conducting a yacht survey.

1.Who should I hire?
This will probably be the first consideration you will think about. If you have never had to carry out a survey before, then how do you who is best to complete the survey?

One of the best pieces of advice to help ensure that you have a detailed survey completed is to do as much research as possible. Take a look at a range of companies and understand exactly what they specialize in and how they conduct the survey.

SouthEast Yacht Surveys specialise in a number of surveys, such as pre-purchase surveys, insurance surveys, valuation reports and damage surveys to name a few. Once you have determined the type of survey you require, have a look as to what the survey includes.

Once you have located a company that you are interested in, contact them and discuss their experience, and ask if they would provide you with a sample survey that they have carried out for a yacht similar to the one you are interested in, and also be sure to ask for references.

If you still feel at a loss, then try and contact other individuals who have also had a survey carried out on their boat, and ask if they have any recommendations or advice.

2. Prepare for the assessment
One of the ways you can help ensure that your yacht will be properly inspected is to do as much preparation as possible.

This is definitely a noteworthy point for the very reason that surveyors generally do not inspect specific areas that require the removal of panels using tools. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the owner's representative to ensure that any panels have been removed.

Another way to make sure that the yacht is properly and thoroughly examined is to clean the vessel as much as possible and remove any unnecessary items for the inspection. The cleaner and clearer the yacht is, the easier the inspection will be to carry out.

3. The sea trial
Yacht surveys generally include three aspects; the in-water inspection, the haul-out inspection, and the sea trial.

The sea trial is an important element of the survey when the vessel and engine are put to the test, however some of the major systems are also observed and tested during the trial.

The sea trial not only assesses the performance of the steering, controls, shafting engine mounts and exhaust systems but is also the opportunity for you to understand how the boat feels.

Conducting the sea trial on open water will give a better indication as to how well the boat performs. A good surveyor will usually recommend an open ocean trial unless the conditions are not safe enough in which you might then have to postpone the sea trial.

4. Read the report carefully and ask questions
When the survey report is eventually presented to you, it is fundamental that you go through it with a fine-tooth comb to so that you understand the final evaluation before making a decision whether to purchase or not.

Asking plenty of questions is a good thing, so if there is anything in the report that you are unsure of, or requires further clarification, then do not be afraid to contact the surveyor as they should be happy to go through it with you.

5. Consult other expertise
Even when the final evaluation is presented to you, you might still feel as though it would be a good idea to consult with other experts.

The expertise of surveyors may range rather widely, therefore having a fresh pair of eyes looking over your report, by, for example, an engine surveyor could help raise awareness for any other technical issues.

Hopefully you have found these five tips for having a yacht survey carried out useful. The decision to purchase a yacht will take time, however ensuring that you have a thorough examination of the vessel carried out will help raise awareness as to whether it the right purchase for you. Seeking the right expertise is important, therefore do not be afraid to ask for additional advice once the survey has been completed.