Monday, 2 May 2016

5 Things You Need to Know About Yacht Surveys

If you are looking purchase a yacht, then the primary reason that you will want to carry out a survey is so that you understand the overall condition of the boat before you make a purchase.

Deciding to purchase a yacht is a big decision, and as boats can be particularly liable to damage caused by general wear and tear from sailing, as well as deterioration from the sea, salt, and the sun, it's essential that you can determine the state of the boat before committing to a purchase.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) strongly recommend having a survey completed before purchase. Mandy Peters, a legal advisor to the RYA quoted in an article published on the The Telegraph Online says that: "With regard to a second-hand boat, the onus is completely on the buyer to ensure that the boat he or she is buying is in a satisfactory condition, or that they are fully aware of the condition of the boat, prior to completing the sale."

However, this might be the first time you are considering purchasing a yacht and you may feel rather concerned that a comprehensive survey need to be completed before committing to a purchase.

So to help grow your understanding and awareness about yacht surveys, take a look at these five things that you might find useful to look out for when considering conducting a yacht survey.

1.Who should I hire?
This will probably be the first consideration you will think about. If you have never had to carry out a survey before, then how do you who is best to complete the survey?

One of the best pieces of advice to help ensure that you have a detailed survey completed is to do as much research as possible. Take a look at a range of companies and understand exactly what they specialize in and how they conduct the survey.

SouthEast Yacht Surveys specialise in a number of surveys, such as pre-purchase surveys, insurance surveys, valuation reports and damage surveys to name a few. Once you have determined the type of survey you require, have a look as to what the survey includes.

Once you have located a company that you are interested in, contact them and discuss their experience, and ask if they would provide you with a sample survey that they have carried out for a yacht similar to the one you are interested in, and also be sure to ask for references.

If you still feel at a loss, then try and contact other individuals who have also had a survey carried out on their boat, and ask if they have any recommendations or advice.

2. Prepare for the assessment
One of the ways you can help ensure that your yacht will be properly inspected is to do as much preparation as possible.

This is definitely a noteworthy point for the very reason that surveyors generally do not inspect specific areas that require the removal of panels using tools. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the owner's representative to ensure that any panels have been removed.

Another way to make sure that the yacht is properly and thoroughly examined is to clean the vessel as much as possible and remove any unnecessary items for the inspection. The cleaner and clearer the yacht is, the easier the inspection will be to carry out.

3. The sea trial
Yacht surveys generally include three aspects; the in-water inspection, the haul-out inspection, and the sea trial.

The sea trial is an important element of the survey when the vessel and engine are put to the test, however some of the major systems are also observed and tested during the trial.

The sea trial not only assesses the performance of the steering, controls, shafting engine mounts and exhaust systems but is also the opportunity for you to understand how the boat feels.

Conducting the sea trial on open water will give a better indication as to how well the boat performs. A good surveyor will usually recommend an open ocean trial unless the conditions are not safe enough in which you might then have to postpone the sea trial.

4. Read the report carefully and ask questions
When the survey report is eventually presented to you, it is fundamental that you go through it with a fine-tooth comb to so that you understand the final evaluation before making a decision whether to purchase or not.

Asking plenty of questions is a good thing, so if there is anything in the report that you are unsure of, or requires further clarification, then do not be afraid to contact the surveyor as they should be happy to go through it with you.

5. Consult other expertise
Even when the final evaluation is presented to you, you might still feel as though it would be a good idea to consult with other experts.

The expertise of surveyors may range rather widely, therefore having a fresh pair of eyes looking over your report, by, for example, an engine surveyor could help raise awareness for any other technical issues.

Hopefully you have found these five tips for having a yacht survey carried out useful. The decision to purchase a yacht will take time, however ensuring that you have a thorough examination of the vessel carried out will help raise awareness as to whether it the right purchase for you. Seeking the right expertise is important, therefore do not be afraid to ask for additional advice once the survey has been completed.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Mother’s Day Yacht Charter – Making it Memorable with Villazzo!

This Mother’s Day treat mom to something special with this fabulous offering from Villazzo. Picture Mom lounging on a luxury charter yacht, relaxing alongside the beautiful Miami waters, while soaking up the warm Miami sun! Show mom how much you love and appreciate her by letting her experience this unique and exciting adventure aboard the Legend & Soul Power Cat Day Cruise!

Surprising Mom isn’t that easy anymore either, and when is the last time you made Mothers Day more of an adventure? How about a relaxing afternoon where you didn’t have to lift a finger? VIP treatment that the whole family can enjoy as well sounds dreamy! A full day on a chartered yacht is a perfect way to make her feel like royalty.

Come on board and enjoy a 8 hour cruise on Legend & Soul Power Cat, complimentary for a minimum three night stay, 5 star VilllaHotel booking at any Miami villa during the month of May.

Built by Italian yard Rodriquez, this 62 ft Power Cat has plenty to offer for enjoyable travels. Starting with its most peculiar aspect, this yacht offers a beam width of 23ft, usually only available on much larger boats. The exterior features several different areas. At the aft, a dining table large enough for 8 people. Behind that, a large sun bed accommodating 4. The fly bridge comes with two dining tables and two separate sun-bed areas, making it a large U shape lounging space. At the bow, another lounging area available while the dual haul makes the traveling experience a beautiful moment to witness. Stepping inside, a dinning table to your left with a salon area to your right. The American style fully equipped open kitchen at the end of the boat, makes for a great familial atmosphere. Downstairs, inside the right haul, is the master bedroom. With a queen size bed, the bedroom extends on all 62 feet. You can also find a saloon area inside the room with cable tv and the ensuite bathroom with his and her sink and a jacuzzi bath. Inside the left haul, two VIP bedrooms with their respective ensuite bathrooms and queen size beds.

Don’t miss your opportunity to indulge all the moms in your family and celebrate in style. Contact us at to book now and assure availability.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

NY Luxury Spotlight: Designer Arlette Sarkissians

Fashion Week is the most amazing place where you can feel the creative energy and all the strong positive vibrations, from New York to London. It’s a great opportunity to meet the most exclusive designers on the planet and attend as many fashion shows as you can. This season, it’s all about jewellery and we were looking to find that touch of something that can transform an outfit from beautiful into fabulous! Recently we came across Arlette, a New York based jewellery designer, we knew we were at the right place. We were inspired as many other fashion influencers, by their creative vision for a strong and adventurous woman.

Located in Manhattan, New York, Arlette Jewelry is the creative vision of designer Arlette Sarkissians who uses her passion for art, and daring character to create projects and expressions from endless imagination and fashion fervour. She’s the creative force behind the brand recognised for its elegant style, attitude and spectacular timeless pieces. visit online

Friday, 5 February 2016

Yacht Charter

After gathering all the necessary information, the next biggest task at hand for us was to charter a luxurious yacht for a week. There are many resources through which you can book extraordinary yacht charter, but our idea was to get most freedom with essential privacy for all of us. In this part of the article I like to describe you the process through which you can charter a yacht and what things you have to keep in mind when you yacht charter. The basic phenomena that we have to understand is that what actually we require when renting a yacht. There are two types of yachts that you can rent. Bare boats and crewed yacht. The basic different between a bare boat yacht and a crewed yacht is very simple. you can analyze from literal meaning of the names. Crewed yacht is more like around 40 foot to 300 foot boat with a captain and few crew members are like a chef and cleaner. This kind of charter is helpful if you going with a family trip and especially kids are around with you.

On the other hand we have a bare boot charter, it a service of different kind. It allow basically a perfect suite if you are traveling with friends or bunch of adults. It give full privacy and with most freedom. And fortunately we were bunch of adult friends so we decided to charter a bare boat to have real vocation on our head.This is a very important factor that we have to keep in mind on which type of yacht to rent, because it can make or break your vocation. Keeping in mind it was the first trip for all of us. As living being we tend to form imagines and create perceptions about things from the first experience that we have.

If i give you a simple example , like if you first time go to a restaurant and you are have heard about its special offering regarding sea food , but the fact is that you actually never was a big fan of sea food or your taste buds are not very attuned to sea food, so you will natural tend to create a mindset that this restaurant is not good for you even though it make best Thia food which you like a lot, but you haven't tried it ever there. My point here is that you actually have to know what is needed for you is sometimes very different from what you actually select. Same phenomena are used in selecting best yacht for us. If you choose a crewed yacht with no privacy and freedom we don't find the trip as pleasurable as it could be. So it always about the your personal needs and then making a choice that suites you the best.

The next biggest decision that we had to make was to select a reliable charter service. There are many extra ordinary charter service available out there, but the best way to select is a simple process. You need to do two things before you decide to rent a yacht. First ask people around you who in past made yacht trip, ask them about their experiences, how they have found different yacht charter services, and if you don't find anyone who have been to yacht trip go on the website of the different charter services and read what they are offering? what people have written about them?. it is also a good source of collecting information that you are looking for. The next thing that you have to keep in mind is the cost of the charter. Many people research a lot on this reason, to find the most cost-effective option and end having a trip to forget. One thing we must keep in mind when deciding on a cost factor, Is the returns worthy spending your money. Does it actually giving out the benefits that it promises. Because many companies offer many services so keep in mind what actually you want and then decide which is most cost effective.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Australia the Land Down Under is on Sail

When it comes to sailing and boating, Australia has it in spades… not that a spade is very useful when you are out on the open ocean with nothing but you and the elements. But I digress…

If you are visiting this beautiful great southern land of ours and you are looking for something unique and memorable to do then you can’t go past the ocean and the experience that boat hire and yacht charter can bring. When it comes to boating and sailing, we kinda know what we are doing too - but then that’s no surprise when you live on an island that is surrounded by the ocean.

Our wide and varied coastline provides uninterrupted adventures and incredible moments as you and your party tackle inlet after inlet, discovering coastal pools and secret tidal areas to further explore.

Chartering a Sailing Boat is Fun!

Above all, making the decision to hire your own sailing boat is one of the most fun things you can do! Most of the boats that are made available for hire in and around Sydney are not self drive, and even if you have your own license, the boat owners tend to want to drive their own, or alternatively they have their own team who handle these things.

Chartering a sailing boat however means that you are in control - and since most of these boats are hired by seasoned veterans of the boating scene the enjoyment levels increase exponentially.

Is a Yacht the Same as a Sailing Boat?

I often get asked this question and so thought I would take this moment to shed some light on this question and explain what is what.

A Yacht usually refers to a large vessel with NO SAILS. This term has grown to cover all areas of vessels, with the larger being referred to as Super or Mega yachts. There are actually superyachts that also have sails - in fact the biggest one is being built now and is over 460ft long and 300ft high!!!! - read the full article and see all the amazing pics of this build here:

Why is Sydney Harbour the Place to Go When Sailing or Chartering a Boat?

When it comes to beautiful destinations and iconic locations, nothing even comes close to Sydney and its magnificent harbour. The Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House are probably two of the most instantly recognisable landmarks in the world and when they are standing proudly on each side of a pristine harbour you really cant find anything to fault. Add to this the perfect year round Sydney weather and you start to see why Australia really is the lucky country.

So what are you waiting for? Come on in, the waters fine!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Caribbean Yacht Charter

You do not have to be surprised if the Caribbean are one of the most admired and recommended destination in the whole world.

Its translucent crystal waters surround more than 700 islands, one more beautiful than the other. What better way to discover it? Blogs and expert travellers are clear: during a sailing vacation. Each one has his own preferences: who is looking for a relaxed vacation, just with the sound of wind and waves and will choose a sailboat. Then there is who, always nature and sport lover, it will grant for more space and comfort and will jump a board a catamaran. And finally, those who can not give up the speed and want to admire the as many islands as possible, enjoying the luxury and privacy of a motor yacht. Whatever the boat, you will swim with sea turtles, you will relax in the sun lying on deserted golden beaches, eating exquisite fresh sea food and discovering a traditional local culture, that will conquer your heart.

Wonderful family holiday destination, with sports and adrenaline activities and also for a romantic getaway. Unforgettable landscapes, breathtaking sunsets and hidden coves, that wait just for your silent visit. The panoramas will fill you eyes, the views will speak for itself. During your yacht charter in the Caribbean you will enjoy clear and deep blue sea, in the comfort and privacy that only a yacht may ensure you. Not to be missed the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the BVI and Antigua and Barbuda, heaven on Earth.